A Story of Togetherness

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    marger-inner-page.jpg As part of their continued efforts towards the digitalization of Bangladesh, two of the biggest telecommunications companies in the country - Robi Axiata Limited and Airtel Bangladesh Limited - have come together in a historic merger to form a newly merged company, to be known as Robi Axiata Limited.
    As companies that have always moved forward with the people of Bangladesh in mind, first and foremost, the merger between Robi and Airtel will further improve 4 key values that are at the heart of our promise to the people.
    a. Affordability: With lower tariffs and call rates that now include customers from both brands, all our prepaid and postpaid packages are now even more affordable for our 32.2 million customers.

    b. Availability: Facilitating availability of internet access and mobile services across Bangladesh through the enhanced scale of combined operations in every corner of the nation to 32.2 million customers.

    c. Care: Creating a wider sales and distribution reach through the most extensive channels that will be supported by the largest network of customer service centers.

    d. Speed: A bigger and stronger network now ensures that our High-speed Network offers even faster data connections.
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