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    a. Special Call Rate Offer: 24 Hours 0.5paisa/second

    i. Applicable for all Robi and airtel prepaid customers
    ii. 1 second pulse applicable
    iii. To get the offer, dial: *123*25#
    iv. Usage time: 24 hours
    v. The rate is applicable for robi-robi, robi-airtel, airtel-robi, airtel-airtel
    vi. Applicable for all FnF, Super FnF and priyo numbers
    vii. After availing the offer once, customers will continue to enjoy the rate 24 hours throughout the campaign period

    b. Special Data Offer: 1GB at Tk 30

    i. Applicable for all Robi and airtel prepaid customers
    ii. Usage time: 24 hours
    iii. To get the offer, dial: *123*025#
    iv. To check Internet balance from Robi, dial: *123*3*5# and from airtel, dial: *778*18#

    c. Jora SIM Offer: Buy 1 sim and get another FREE!

    i. Buy 1 Robi SIM & get 1 airtel SIM for FREE
    ii. Buy 1 airtel SIM & get 1 Robi SIM for FREE
    iii. Get the FREE SIM by registering with same NID from the same retail outlet

    Other terms and conditions:

    a. In case of Robi-other operator and airtel-other operator, customers’ original package’s call rate will be applicable
    b. Customers will enjoy the special call rate offer during the whole campaign period
    c. After the validity of special call rate, customers will enjoy their previous package/offer
    d. Validity of special internet offer: 3 days
    e. Internet offer can be availed only once during the campaign period
    f. To get the Jora SIM offer, customers need to activate both SIMs with same NID and from same retail outlet
    g. Within 10 days of buying the primary SIM, the FREE SIM needs to be collected from the same place
    h. Biometric SIM registration is required to activate the SIMs
    i. To get the FREE SIM, Tk. 50 needs to be recharged in both SIMs

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