True Spirit of Rio Olympic

Discussion in 'Sports Events' started by admin, 23 August 2016.

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    The philosophy of the modern Olympic Games is to develop the idea of a "sound mind in a sound body" and to encourage the friendship among the nations. The five multicolored Olympic rings stand for the five continents and the reason for the interlocking rings is to show that the Olympic Games are envisioned for all nations to be able to come. The main purpose of the Olympic Game is not to win but participation. Therefore, the modern Olympics have been perceived as a way to bring people together by bringing out the best in humanity. Unfortunately, in the recent times we have forgotten the main purposes of the Olympic and it has converted into an expensive exercise in national pride. But what happened in Rio few days ago was the perfect example of Olympic Spirit. New Zealand Distance runner Nikki Hamblin and US runner Abbey D’Agostino were four laps from the end of the 5000m when they collided with each other. Hamblin stumbled and fell face forwards, causing her US competitor D’Agostino – who was running directly behind her – to hit the track as well, falling on the side of her body. Moments after the two athletes had started running again, D’Agostino began faltering as her right leg was injured as a result of the fall. Due to severe pain, D’Agostino fell again to the ground, with her face showing she was in pain. Hamblin stopped running and turned to D’Agostino, reaching for her with two open arms. The two competitors finished the race last, and embraced closely before D’Agostino was taken away in a wheelchair for treatment. The sportsmanship and Spirit that these two have shown to the whole world is one of the most talked about incident of this Olympic right now.
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    Very Inspirational Story.

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